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  • How frequently do email updates arrive?
    We send out Tenders Updates every weekday and longer Subscriber Bulletin round-ups once or twice a week, including all new opportunities as they arise. Our emails are a pivotal part of the service, allowing subscribers to spot opportunities of interest quickly and easily and then link directly to the full details on our website.

  • Are users able to bookmark and save any relevant opportunities?
    Yes, users can either click the Bookmark icon on the tender itself or next to its listing on the Live Tenders page. Bookmarks are stored in your My Account dashboard where they can be managed, sorted and searched.

  • How do you source your contract opportunities?
    Our researchers have specific areas of expertise depending on their background and they search hundreds of sources including portals, authority websites and procurement news for the latest opportunities as they are published. We also receive direct notification from contacts within the public sector keen to reach our subscriber base.

  • What size and value are the tender opportunities?
    We include all sizes and values of contract, from small one-off projects worth £5k+ to larger contracts valued at £100k upwards. We also include large frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems which comprise of multiple smaller lots for specific areas of work required.

  • What areas of marketing communications are covered?
    Areas include marketing, PR, public affairs, social media, advertising, branding, digital, market research, surveys, customer & stakeholder insight, media monitoring, website development, events & exhibitions, film & video, DVD, multimedia, augmented/ virtual reality, graphic design and content production (written or multimedia).

  • Should you concentrate on tenders within your own local area?
    Don't feel restricted to only bid for tenders within your geographical area. In certain cases (such as a requirement for local knowledge) authorities will specifically want to award work to a local or regional supplier. But the bottom line is that they are looking for the best overall quality and value for money, and most will be open to bids from further afield to find the right supplier.

  • Can we submit Tender responses via Infobrokers?
    No - our leads are purely for information. We tell you who to contact, how, and what is required, plus an overview of the opportunity including budget and contract duration. We have many excellent contacts who specialise in helping to prepare bids when required, and we are happy to put you in touch with the best consultant to suit your needs.

  • How do we unsubscribe and are there any penalties?
    Customers are free to unsubscribe whenever they choose without any penalties. To unsubscribe, just get in touch by email and let us know. We will make sure that you no longer receive tenders updates or requests for payment once your subscription expires.
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