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When you may decide to outsource bid writing

If the tender is fairly straightforward or lower value, and the buying authority provides clear information and communication, it can be a valuable learning experience to keep bid writing in-house. As the business grows and resources allow, outsourcing options may be explored or perhaps investing in additional training and support to further enhance in-house bid writing capabilities.

For more complex or higher value contracts, or perhaps just to help navigate unfamiliar territory during a first bidding experience, hiring a bid writer for public sector procurement can significantly impact the chances of success.

Typical scenarios where companies may consider hiring a bid writer include:

1. Lack of in-house expertise: If your organisation lacks the necessary expertise or experience in writing tenders, hiring a bid writer can help ensure that your tender is well-written and meets all of the requirements.

2. Limited resources: If your team is already stretched thin with other projects and responsibilities, outsourcing the tender writing process can save valuable time and effort, especially when facing a tight deadline.

3. Complex or high-value tenders: For tenders that are particularly complex or of high value, investing in a bid writer can help you better understand the requirements and create a compelling proposal that stands out.

4. Need for a competitive edge: If you are competing against strong rivals for a tender, a bid writer can help you craft a stronger, more persuasive proposal that sets you apart from the competition. 

Overall, hiring a bid writer can be advantageous when you need specialised expertise, want to increase your chances of winning contracts, or face constraints in terms of time, resources or staffing capabilities.